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  1. Shaktilar says:
    Omnipresence. The divine attribute of omnipresence is the theological interpretation of God's hiddenness, whose presence in history is unlimited and transcends local space. Concepts like transcendence, immanence, agency, knowledge, indwelling, place, and spiritual substance are basic to omnipresence.
  2. Fenrilmaran says:
    OmniPresence allows nurse practitioners or hospital doctors to monitor post-surgical patients in the convenience of their own homes, to check on their recovery, medications, and rehabilitation process.
  3. Mezile says:
    Omnipresence definition, present everywhere at the same time: the omnipresent God. See more.
  4. Faurg says:
    Synonyms for omnipresence at igelachoisosi.birdpburulapincrabernibitabasci.infoinfo with free online thesaurus, antonyms, and definitions. Find descriptive alternatives for omnipresence.
  5. Zolokasa says:
    OMNIPRESENCE Meaning: "quality of being in all places simultaneously," c. , from Medieval Latin omnipraesentia, from See definitions of omnipresence.
  6. Dom says:
    om·ni·pres·ent (ŏm′nĭ-prĕz′ənt) adj. Present everywhere simultaneously. [Medieval Latin omnipresēns, omnipresent-: Latin omni-, omni- + Latin praesēns, present participle of praeesse, to be present; see present1.] om′ni·pres′ence n. omnipresent (ˌɒmnɪˈprɛzənt) adj (esp of a .
  7. Feshicage says:
    Dec 26,  · omnipresence (countable and uncountable, plural omnipresences) The ability to be at all places at the same time; usually only attributed to God. Synonyms. ubiquity; Related terms. omnipresent; Translations.
  8. Goltigrel says:
    Omnipresence is the property of being present everywhere, whenever and nowhere at the same time, referring to an unbounded presence. The ability lets you to be everywhere at once that is, at every point in space during a given instant. Some characters are Omnipresent within a single universe, while others are Omnipresent on a Multiversal or even higher scale. Nigh-Omnipresence is when somebody.

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